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Research Topic

Planning for Creating, Revitalizing and Preserving Enriched Dwelling Environment

Houses are major components of built environment and neighbohood. The dwelling environment is composed of social elements; peoples' living and its activities, and physical structure, such as infrastructure and social service facilities.

We study planning system and design techniques that conrtibute not only to create and regenerate enriched and safe dwelling environment, but also to improve peoples' livelihood.


Community-based Architecture and Planning - Approach from Planning Involvement Theory-

The built environment works better if the people who use it are directly involved in its creation and management. This is basic principle and idea for Community-based Architecture and Planning.For example, Community Design Centers in the U.S work with community organizations to provide technical asssistance for community design and affordable housing development .We conduct a case study on community-based architecture and planning in Japan, U.S and U.K.

Community Design and Post-Disaster Recovery after Japan’s Tsunami” by Progressive Planning Magazine Spring 2014.


Planning for Post-disaster housing and community recovery in Hurricane Katrina Disaster (2005)

We study long-term housing rebuilding and recovery planning process in Hurricane Katrina Disaster(2005) in New Orleans.One of the research topic is evaluation of Road Home Program which is government largest housing recovery program in U.S hisroty. We, Japan, need to learn lessons from this program to develop housing rebuilding program after earthquake that can help people to stay in their neighborhood, sustain their community and utilize peoples' vitality and energy.